Vh1 Performance/Schedule Analysis - June 2009



(Updated as of July 27, 2009)


Adults 18-49.


BROOKE KNOWS BEST Season 2 - Last season was all about Brooke turning 19, leaving home and living on her own for the first time. This new season continues to focus on Brooke's new life: her posh Miami pad with best friends and roomies Glenn and Ashley and her hopes for superstardom as a musician.
Status: Premiered June 2009

CELBRITY REHAB WITH DR. DREW Season 3 - Similar to the first two cycles, the third season of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" will follow the real-life experiences of celebrity patients undergoing detoxification and treatment at The Pasadena Recovery Center.  The show will follow Mackenzie Phillips (ONE DAY AT A TIME), Heidi Fleiss, Tom Sizemore, Dennis Rodman, Mindy McCready (Country Music Singer), Lisa D'Amato (ANTM), Mike Starr (Alice in Chains), Joey Kovar (REAL WORLD HOLLYWOOD) and Kari Ann Peniche (Playboy Playmate). The series will chronicle the patients'(Tm) intensive 21-day program with both group and one-on-one therapy and non-traditional therapies like art and music. Status: Premiering 1st Q 2010  8x60 Produced by Irwin Entertainment

CHARM SCHOOL WITH RICKI LAKE Season 3 - For the first time ever the halls of Charm School will be filled with charming wannabes from two dating shows, ROCK OF LOVE BUS and REAL CHANCE OF LOVE.  Ricki and her capable deans will nurture and motivate these girls to become the self-sufficient, refined and respectable young ladies they are all capable of being. What's more, while they're putting in the work on themselves, the girls will also be helping to make the world a better place.Status: Premiered May 11, 2009    10 x 60

DAISY OF LOVE - Former ROCK OF LOVE finalist Daisy gets a fairy tale come true and the chance to find a Rocking Prince Charming in her new series. But she won't go at this alone. Former CHARM SCHOOL Dean, Riki Rachtman, will be her rock savvy guide throughout this journey. He will be her confidante, shoulder to cry on, and counselor to guide her when she is blinded by love. Status: Premiered April 25, 2009  13 x 60   Produced by 51 Minds Entertainment

FOR THE LOVE OF RAY J - Ray J, acclaimed singer, songwriter, actor and celebrated "bad boy" of Hollywood has lived the life most people only dream about -- late nights and lots and lots of girls. But being in the business as long as Ray J has been has made him question whether true love is possible...Ray will bring 14 of the finest girls from around the country to his mansion in the Hollywood Hills and put them through challenges, dates and eliminations to find the ladies that are smart, funny and beautiful enough to survive the cut. Status: On hiatus since April 27, 2009  12 x 60

LIVE & LOUD FRIDAYS - A six-week concert series that will air every Friday at 9p. Each thirty-minute episode will include one band performing three of their biggest hits from the featured concert.
Premiered July 17   6 x 30.

GOTTI'S WAY Season 2 -It's a new season  and life goes on for Irv, Deb & the kids. This season is about "breaking the cycle" -- for Deb, that means taking the first steps towards independence and showing her kids that this is not the way a marriage is supposed to be. For Irv, the record industry, and in particular hip-hop, are in dire straits and there's no signs that it's going to change. As a result, Irv is going to shake things up by breaking a new street artist -- "Newz."  Status: Premiered May 4, 200912 x 60    Produced by 51 Minds Entertainment

THE T.O. SHOW - Emotional, entertaining and most of all revealing, Terrell Owens will expose his personal life as never before, bringing all the drama, energy and heart that only he can bring.
Premieres  July 20.

NEW YORK GOES TO WORK - New York (Tiffany Pollard) will let America decide the jobs she will do. Each week, the viewing public will pick from a list of three possible jobs for their favorite girl and vote using texts from their cellular phone. Will New York have to be a Veterinarian's Assistant, a Fishing Boat First Mate, or a Sewer worker? Her motivation? Money. If she can impress her new employer, she'll receive a $$10,000 bonus. If she quits, fails, or gets fired, she receives nothing. Status: Premiered May 4, 2009   12x60  Produced by 51 Minds Entertainment





VH1 continues to have success with home-grown series, often built around Reality "stars" from earlier series (e.g. NEW YORK GOES TO WORK featuring a former FLAVOR OF LOVE contestant.) VH1's primetime lineup is very fluid in nature, leading to a lot of "Various" programs on their schedule grid. 

VH1 will occasionally stack night of programming and air episodes of the same show back-to-back-to-back.  This can prove extremely successful for them, especially when they use these mini-marathons to premiere the latest episodes of their original series.


**LIVE & LOUD FRIDAYS premieres July 17.
**MEGAN WANTS A MILLIONAIRE premieres August 2.
**THE T.O. SHOW premieres July 20.
**TOOL ACADEMY 2 premieres August 2.
**MEGAN WANTS A MILLIONAIRE premieres August 2.
**LORDS OF REVOLUTION premieres August 10
**WOODSTOCK: NOW AND THEN premieres August 14
**DIVAS will air live on September 17.
**VH1 HIP-HOP HONORS will air live on October 12.


Live Primetime Ratings Comparison:
June 2009 vs. June 2008  (% Change)

HH           P18-49
Monday 8-11pm             -3%          2%
Tuesday 8-11pm           -12%        -21%                
Wednesday 8-11pm         3%         -24%        
Thursday 8-11pm          -11%         -19%                           
Friday 8-11pm               19%          21%           
Saturday 8-11pm             3%           9%             
Sunday 8-11pm              62%         76%               
MTWTFSS 8-11pm      7%         4%
*The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

June was essentially flat with last year, with three nights experiencing double-digit demo losses, while Friday and, especially, Sunday grew siginificantly. Not unsurprisingly, growth was generated by new episodes of new and returning series. Only four of the Network's 21 weekly hours were consistenly scheduled throughout the month, as VH1's reliance on stunts and specials was even further stretched due to the much-covered death of Michael Jackson. King of Pop-related coverage and reminiscence was much sought-after by viewers, landing some of those programs in the top 5 for the month. 

The only series which launched in June, BROOKE KNOWS BEST 2, also vaulted into VH1's Top 10 for the month.  VH1's viewers continue to respond well to celebreality dating series, and it looks like the network will continue the genre until ratings prove otherwise.  In the meantime, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, VH1.

Mondays were anchored by new episodes of CHARM SCHOOL 3  at 9p, leading out of a repeat of the previous week's premiere at 8. The 9p premieres led the night in HH and A18-49. NEW YORK GOES TO WORK at 10p held the lion's share of CHARM SCHOOL'S demo lead-in with a slight drop at 1030p for GOTT'IS WAY 2. Monday's overall demo delivery tied with Sunday for the Networks strongest nights. 

Tuesdays featured a mixed bag of specials movies and series, with DAISY OF LOVE the most utilized on this night. HH and demos were down from a year ago, as well as from May.

Wednesdays were the sole province of THE ROCK AND ROLL PICTURE SHOW and repeats of CHARM SCHOOL 3. LEGALLY BLONDE, which played in several Prime slots on VH1 in June, was the standout film for this night. HH were flat with last June, but demos were down sharply. Delivery was essentially flat with May, though.

Thursday's mixed bag of blocks of series repeats, specials and movies dropped somewhat from last June and was flat with last month. The high point was LEGALLY BLONDE, which ran at 8p and 10p on the highest-rated Thursday in June.

Friday saw the most Michael Jackson-related fare being slotted, which helped goose the night to significant gains for HH and demos over last year and last month.

Saturday was flat with last year and May, with repeats of the Michael Jackson specials drawing the most viewership for this night of the week.

Sundays were driven by new episodes of DAISY OF LOVE at 9p, leading into the month's new series BROOKE KNOWS BEST 2 at 10p, which did a great job of holding the lead-in. This combo earned top honors for year-to-year growth for this night, and also led the night to HH Ratings leadership over the rest of the week.


STYLISTA, off the CW.

RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE (off sister network Logo)


TOUGH LOVE returns for a second season in 4Q09.

I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY has been renewwed for a second season and is set to debut in Fall 2009.

CELEBRITY REHAB WITH DR. DREW has been renewed for a third season and is set to debut in early 2010.

TOOL ACADEMY 2 premieres August 2.



VH1 ROCK HONORS (premieres Q2/Q3)