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VH1 continues to concentrate on home-grown series, often built around Reality "stars" from earlier series (e.g. LA LA'S FULL COURT LIFE  featuring a former BASKETBALL WIVES character.) VH1's Primetime lineup is very fluid in nature, leading to a lot of "Various" programs on their schedule grid.

VH1 will occasionally stack night of programming and air episodes of the same show back-to-back-to-back.  This can prove extremely successful for them, especially when they use these mini-marathons to premiere the latest episodes of a successful original series. Episodes of new series tend to receive multiple Prime plays during the week each episode premieres.

Music-oriented fare continues to make its presence felt on VH1, with survey-oriented specials (100 GREATEST...) joining occasional new episodes of the venerable BEHIND THE MUSIC series, along with concert specials and documentaries. Urban-appeal theatrical films, many with strong musical components, are also delivering above-average ratings to the Network.


Live Primetime Ratings Comparison / February 2012 vs. February 2011 (% Change)




Monday 8-11pm



Tuesday 8-11pm



Wednesday 8-11pm



Thursday 8-11pm



Friday 8-11pm



Saturday 8-11pm



Sunday 8-11pm



MTWTFSS 8-11pm



Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

Phenomenal demo growth on Monday, combined with strong results Wednesday and Saturday kept VH1 in the winning column in February for the ninth month in a row. While last month exposed significant annual losses Tuesday through Thursday, VH1 suffered only slight demo losses two nights in February. Where LOVE & HIP HOP,  the new T.I. & TINY and the return of MOB WIVES accounted for all of VH1's Top 20 telecasts for January, things were more spread out in February, when BASKETBALL WIVES 4 and several Movies and specials also contributed.

Annual growth was not as profound as that experienced last month, especially on Monday, with VH1 down in the 30% range from January 2012.

Monday's tandem of 8pm LOVE & HIP HOP  2 and 9pm  T.I. & TINY continued to  work together like a well-oiled machine, although they were only scheduled in that manner one week in February. When BASKETBALL WIVES 4 premiered as the 8pm lead-in to a new TI & Tiny episode at 9pm, it boosted the latter series over 100% in HH and demo delivery from the previous week.  While demo growth for the night was impressive, it was down from January's  annual increase of over 300%, leading to month-to-month losses of  40% for HH and younger adults.

Tuesdays were down slightly from last year and  modestly from last month. Repeat episodes of TI & TINY  and MOB WIVES 2 were the strongest performers among the wide variety of programs that VH1 slotted on Tuesdays in February.

Series repeats and Movies on Wednesday grew significantly from February 2011, when BASKETBALL WIVES 2  and YOU'RE CUT OFF filled most of the night. Delivery was down modestly  from last month, though.

Thursday continued to feature a mixed bag of series episodes and one-offs, with no single telecast standing out.  Overall delivery was flat with last month.

The key weekend story was the decline of MOB WIVES 2, from last month, which helped drive Sunday to 50% demo losses from last month. As a series, MOB WIVES 2 dropped33% in HH Rating and 29% in RA18-49 from its average last month.

Saturday Movies GREASE  and MENACE II SOCIETY helped that night to modest growth over 2011's eclectic mix, while Friday's top performer was a block of 100 GREATEST WOMEN IN ROCK  episodes. Compared to January, Household ratings grew modestly on Friday and Saturday, as did Saturday demos.