Travel Channel Network


Update: Still want hybrid programs combining travel with other popular topics such as food or paranormal. Destination experience is what they are after; the destination becomes a key supporting player. Personalities count; celebs don't.

*Focusing mainly on half-hours, but will look at hours.

*Establishing the channel as the preeminent travel brand in the media landscape.

*Looking for the key elements: exploration, destination and industry.

*Destination-oriented shows must be contemporary and travelog-styled, and “must expose our audience to places or experiences they can’t find in a guidebook.” Exploration programming should have a distinct POV and a credible host. Industry oriented shows should “take an aspect of the travel world and make it accessible and interesting to our audience.”

*When it comes to pitching, don’t look at talent from one angle. Journalists, pilots, tour guides, professors and soldiers might all be untapped resources. “Our audience reacts well to credible, likable talent that can take them on a journey and entertain along the way” says Andy Singer, general manager.

*On-air talent should be featured in the sizzle, “we need to see them in-situation as if they were in a show”
"*portions excerpted from Realscreen's pitch guidebook"