TLC Network Need


It's the "People Magazine" of television.

They pride themselves on not contriving story lines and showing authentic characters and situations.

They are looking for all-American, remarkable but relatable characters.

They don't want to be women-centric so they are looking to break into men 18-49 more.

They are interested in every genre and would like to change the misconception that they only do odd subject matter. In particular - character-based serial dramas, competition shows, relationship shows & comedy (non-fiction sitcoms). Human-spirit should be present in all.

Producers don't need an agent to pitch but they do need credit. If you're an independent producer with no previous relationship with TLC, find a prod. company that does have a previous relationship or find an agent.

Any wedding shows have to have the bride at the center. They have to be stunning, "blow your mind." Less keen on property shows. Always like holiday-themed programs.

The network seeks to deliver “open-hearted voyeurism.” TLC is all about positive stories and characters that viewers can root for and fall in love with. Programmers are looking for the golden area where the remarkable meets the relatable via honest, authentic drama. Programs should have revealing, entertaining characters with a distinctive visual impact.

TLC is not interested in semi-scripted reality programs that are mean-spirited or judgmental. TLC programs should be respectful and understanding windows to the world.

Programs were life stages occur dramatically out of order (such as Teen Mom) are particularly desired. Authentic stories that feature ensemble casts and a natural tone are also prized.

Specific Topics of Interest
• Hidden worlds
• Subcultures
• Families with a twist
• Life to the Extreme
• Brides and weddings
• Workplace and family business docusoaps
• Format companions to What Not To Wear and Undercover Boss
• Subjects that are naughty without being mean

“It’s all about the cost.”
“We don’t do celebrities.” (But they must be wiling to be themselves.)
“We just want families.”
“No one-offs.”
“No controversy.”
“Stick to people who look the same.”
“Not open to other genres.”
“We don’t greenlight pilots.”

Shows They Wish They Had
Teen Mom, Mob Wives, Beyond Scared Straight, Braxton’s Family Values, Kitchen Nightmares.

"Heart and soul", fashion, body image and retail.

*Looking for series about fascinating families, extreme behaviors, larger-than-life characters or an insider’s view of a hidden subculture.

*“We are the leader in wedding programming”

*“We like to be first to market and have shows that appeal to both male and female viewers.”

*Generally, pricing would be $300,000 an hour.

*Sizzle reel tips: Amy Savitsky, VP of development says “If it’s a family or a strong character, show us a range of their lives, and convince us they’re great on camera. Need potential for a lot more based on what’s on the tape.”
"*portions excerpted from Realscreen's pitch guidebook"