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Syfy programs its line-up differently every night of the week, with no strips or similar fare to carry viewers across the week. The target audience also changes with different nights of the week, with women being the focus on Mondays and Wednesdays and men or adults carrying the rest of the week. Most nights have seen dramatic change in the past year, but the schedule has begun to settle down. There is still a lot of room on the schedule for more original programming.

Mondays are now a marquee night, with original series headlining in all seasons. Tuesdays are the night under construction, and feature a rotating mix of alternate reality. On Wednesdays the once powerful GHOST HUNTERS franchise is fading and newer reality programs are moving in. WWE SMACKDOWN continues to revitalize Friday nights, bringing a lot of male viewers to the net and a solid male lead-in for original series at 10PM.

In addition to acquiring ready-made series, Syfy has been giving its own series quick renewal orders and short production cycles, allowing popular programs to make a quick return to the schedule. This gives the net the advantage of not forcing audiences to wait a year, or to get out of the habit of tuning to Syfy.


Live Plus Same Day Primetime Ratings Comparison / June 2012 vs. June 2011  (% Change)




Monday 8-11pm




Tuesday 8-11pm




Wednesday 8-11pm




Thursday 8-11pm




Friday 8-11pm




Saturday 8-11pm




Sunday 8-11pm




MTWTFSS 8-11pm




Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

JUNE 2012: Syfy’s bottom-line primetime ratings made some small moves in the right direction vs. both last month and last year. Improvements on “Powerful Mondays,” WWE’s solid performance and original movies helped nudge up the primetime average by single digit percentages across the board.

The week starts strong with the branded “Powerful Mondays,” consisting of EUREKA in its last season and acquired series LOST GIRL. Both series picked up viewers since last month, particularly men, and compared to last year the night is doing 10% better among adults 18-49 and 21% better among adults 25-54.

Tuesdays’ mix of workplace / sci-fi / reality and Thursdays’ theatricals typically duke it out for the lowest ratings of the week. This June, Tuesday won the dubious title, with FACT OR FAKED: PARANORMAL FILES and HOLLYWOOD TREASURE underperforming the rest of the line-up.

The only program to pull lower numbers was a Wednesday night marathon of TOTAL BLACKOUT encores. Wednesdays are typically led by GHOST HUNTERS, but that program had a momentous season finale in May when co-lead investigator Grant Wilson retired. This month’s handful of encores took dramatic declines. HAUNTED COLLECTOR was back for a second season, taking the GHOST HUNTERS time slot. It dropped audience compared to GHOST HUNTERS last month, but showed some signs of growth compared to its first season last year. On the 20th SCHOOL SPIRITS, the much-promoted paranormal docu-series from Mark Burnett made its debut, dropping audience from lead-in HAUNTED COLLECTOR. Overall, the night took the biggest declines vs. both last month and last year, and was the single biggest drag on the bottom line.

On Fridays, WWE continues as Syfy’s stand-out program, and it stands out by quite a bit. Wrestling more than doubles the next nearest program on men, INSANE OR INSPIRED, which not-so-coincidentally is the lead-out program. WWE appeals to women as well, topping the next nearest program (LOST GIRL), by 22% on women 18-49.

Original movies also did well this month, with all three -- Arachnoquake, Piranhaconda and Jersey Shore Shark Attack -- appearing in the top 15 HH rated telecast list.