Style Strategic Opportunities - August 2009




Currently, the balance between original programs and acquisitions for the network is 80% original, 20% acquisitions. But as the channel rounds the corner of this year there are plans to take a different spin on its acquisitions strategy. Part of that change involves adding more movies and, specifically, made for TV movies, to the schedule.  Style Network's acquisition plans also include looking for more one- and two-hour documentaries to run on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Even with the addition of films to the channel, the focus will still be on series.  One of the most important things for producers to understand is what Style considers to be its unique take on female lifestyle programming. Katie Buchanan states: "Although there's duplication between us and TLC, WEtv, Oxygen and Bravo just by virtue of the fact that we all skew very female, we [believe we] stand out from those networks in terms of being a place where women can go to get real advice, be entertained and find a way to be inspired.  Telling a good story is always a good thing, but sometimes it's nice to sit back and have someone tell you that you look pretty. It makes people feel good, and that's something that is a cornerstone of our brand." (Realsceen 8/19/09)

Style is officially strutting away from runway-based, high fashion-oriented programming in favor of more inspirational content that focuses on the triumps and trials of ordinary women.  As part of the network's transformation, Style has introduced a new tagline, "Before Meets After." The tagline better reflects content from their shows KIMORA: LIFE IN THE FAST LANE and RUBY.  According to network president Salaam Coleman Smith, Style is placing a greater emphasis on the life changes and issues of ordinary women, which have helped the network draw record numbers of viewers.  "We became much more character and story-driven, and by shifting to more character- and story-driven shows, we really also developed a connection to our audience that was far more enduring.


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