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Style's new brand and logo - Work It, Love It, Style It compliments the kind of original programming that they offer - big personalities, good stories, and experts in their fields.  Style looks for high-volume, established series that already come with a built-in brand.  Most of their primetime line-up is all over the map in terms of scheduling, there doesn't seem to be too much consistency month to month.  One strategy that has been performing well is when they stack programs nightly.  Stacks of originals or stacks of off-network series like SEX & THE CITY.  Sunday nights the channel will usually premiere originals.  MOVIES usually air on Friday and Saturday nights.

Style is more committed to their original series going forward as their programming delivers to a young, affluent and diverse audience.

Live + Same Day Primetime Ratings Comparison / December 2012 vs. December 2011  (% Change)




Monday 8-11pm




Tuesday 8-11pm




Wednesday 8-11pm




Thursday 8-11pm




Friday 8-11pm




Saturday 8-11pm




Sunday 8-11pm




MTWTFSS 8-11pm




Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

Ratings were bright for this channel as 2012 proved to be fruitful for the network.  Style churned out originals series that portrayed women with a prominent presence and had a good story to tell.  2013 will continue with more docu-soap programming that features celebrities and experts in their fields of fashion, design, and urban lifestyle.

Compared to a year ago December 2011, overall ratings were up +9%.  Women 18-49 were up a credible +10%.   Tuesday nights in particular were up substantially mainly due to originals GIULIANA & BILL and TIA & TAMERA.   These two powerhouse shows continually grow season to season.  GIULIANA & BILL, now in its fifth season, shows no signs of decline.

Monday nights much anticipated premiere of MADE IN CHELSEA failed to make any noise with its debut and was replaced this month with a mixed bag of originals and MOVIES.

Tuesday nights continued with episodes of GIULIANA & BILL, TIA & TAMERA and CHICAGOLICOUS.  GIULIANA & BILL was up overall in key demos, while TIA & TAMERA and CHICAGOLICIOUS fell flat.  Never-the-less, a solid night of female skewed original programming, that solidifies Tuesday nights as a choice destination for original programming for the channel.

Wednesday nights GOSSIP GIRLS was replaced with a stack of TIA & TAMERA mid-month.  GOSSIP, a solid off-network acquisition, was down again this month and has yet to find its appeal to the Style viewer.  The fact that they stacked it on a single night is a good strategy that allows the viewers to sample the show.  But week after week, it hasn't picked up any steam.

SEX & THE CITY was also replaced mid-month with a stack of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL.  This one-hour, three episode stack series has been a solid acquisition for the channel that appeals to its core viewers.  Friday and Saturday nights were scheduled more erratic, as the primetime line-up lent itself to a handful of varying series and movies rather than a consistent scheduling pattern.  MOVIES were up +50% share with Women 18-49 this month.

And rounding out the month on Sunday nights were episodes of BIG RICH TEXAS, GLAM FAIRY and TIA & TAMERA.  TEXAS and GLAM fell flat with Women 18-49 from last month.  GLAM has shown growth over season one, but again wasn't able to hold onto its lead-in again this month.  However, in general, BIG RICH TEXAS has made a significant impact in the ratings from one year ago.  Style has had a lot of success over the year with their Sunday night originals that they rotate month to month.

December is a tricky month to schedule as it caters to a month of non traditional programming on the networks and most channels including Style are in repeat episodes for originals.  This could have contributed to the varying degree of growth vs decline for this network as the television landscape was highly competitive.   Some nights fared better than others, but clearly the channel continues its commitment to adding more original programming on the air.