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During Oxygen's recent Upfront presentation the network announced that it will continue its "LIVE OUT LOUD" brand campaign and will continue to deliver to its core demographic of young female viewers.  Series in primetime - I'M HAVING THEIR BABY and GIRLFRIEND CONFIDENTIAL: LA  are two series that have been catering recently to an even younger audience of 18-34.  The channel also announced that it will expand its schedule of original programming from two to three nights each week.  Oxygen announced 5 new series for 2013:  "Fat Girl Revenge," "Find Me My Man,"" Too Young to Marry,"  "Propos'd," and "The Face."

Oxygen has a diverse line-up of original programming that is usually stacked nightly.  This is a strategy that has been working well for the network.  Originals are the building blocks of their brand and their business.  Moving forward with more nights of original series underscores their long term strategy to appeal to a very valuable audience.  Monday and Sunday nights in particular, have proven very successful for the channel in launching original series.  And this January, Tuesday nights were added as a third night of originals.

Oxygen Media is a multi-platform lifestyle brand that delivers relevant and engaging content to young women who like to "live out loud."  Through a vast array of unconventional and original content the channel has been able to find unique and groundbreaking unscripted programming. 


Live + Same Day Primetime Ratings Comparison / February 2013 vs. February 2012 (% Change)




Monday 8-11pm




Tuesday 8-11pm




Wednesday 8-11pm




Thursday 8-11pm




Friday 8-11pm




Saturday 8-11pm




Sunday 8-11pm




MTWTFSS 8 -11pm




Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

Overall ratings fell flat from one year ago, with Tuesday nights being the real exception. Women 18-49 was up a substantial +182% on Tuesdays thanks to new episodes of THE BAD GIRLS CLUB and newcomer THE FACE.  Friday nights also held its own with an overall increase of +35% for the double feature MOVIE.  The Oxygen MOVIE was up +17% overall with Women 18-49 from one year ago.

Monday night averages were down from last month due to repeats of SNAPPED.   But Tuesday nights the channel had a lot to tout about with a new season of  BAD GIRLS CLUB as a lead-in to its new supermodel competition series THE FACE.  As part of the channel's programming strategy for this series, THE FACE aired simultaneously on sister networks Bravo and Style.  However, this highly anticipated new series did not live up to expectations on its initial airing despite a sizeable lead-in from BAD GIRLS CLUB.  THE FACE only retained 43% of its core viewers of Women 18-34.  (Broadcasting & Cable 2/13/13)   Season #10 ratings of BAD GIRLS CLUB which premiered last month on a new night, Tuesdays, continued to soar this month.  Oxygen's expansion to three nights of originals in 2013 is a strategy that is not an easy feat.  Many networks have yet had the opportunity to expand their originals beyond a night or two, but clearly Oxygen is forging ahead with more original programming on Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesday nights.

Wednesday nights were more repeats of BAD GIRLS CLUB and THE FACE.  Thursday nights' schedule again this month were stacked episodes of HOUSE, which were down in all key demos this month.  We keep repeating the same story on Thursday nights - HOUSE has yet to make any connection on this channel and the small audience who is watching is Men 18-49 - not their core viewers.  So we want to know, why hasn't the network pulled this show from primetime yet? HOUSE has yet to perform.

Friday and Saturday nights continued this month with the Oxygen MOVIE in prime.  MOVIES were up overall +17% with Women 18-49 compared to last month.  Thanks to titles with strong female appeal and little competition on Friday nights on cable, it is a wise programming alternative.  Titles worthy of mentioning were: A Cinderella Story, Cruel Intentions, Pretty Woman, and Sweet Home Alabama to name just a few.

Rounding out the month signature program SNAPPED was stacked on Sunday nights as usual.  Ratings were down this month as compared to last month with a decline of 25% with Women 18-49.  Possibly being in repeats for the month didn't help the ratings.  Never-the-less, SNAPPED has generally been one of channel's highest rated shows and has become a signature brand for the network.  In fact, Style has committed to expand its true-crime franchise with a new original series called SNAPPED: KILLER COUPLES to premiere next month.

With the exception of MOVIES, the continuation of a new season of BAD GIRLS CLUB,  and the premiere of THE FACE, the rest of the schedule pretty much fell flat.  Oxygen tends to make its biggest strides when they are in new episodes or premiering new series. Oxygen viewers are very passionate about what shows they like and what they don't.  When a show connects with their viewers, the channel obtains a very dedicated audience and it is reflected in their ratings.