National Geographic Network Need


Science, Natural History, Ancient History continue as important subjects of interest as well as Urban Anthropology, prisons, journeys, gangs and CGI specials. Looking for Ground breaking knowledge with incredible imagery.

Network executives tell us they are looking for rogue wildlife and a companion program to TABOO.

NGC is looking for signature personalities to associate with brand. When you think of NGC now nothing stands out.

They want to be pitched concepts that you would not normally think of for them; franchises with recurring characters that viewers will care about and want to see more of next week.

Entertaining programming for people to escape while learning something new. Action oriented series with high stakes where someone's well being or personal finances are on the line.

Looking for subcultures - lifestyle, ethnic, religious, relatable.

Not looking for crime at the moment.

Want more male driven science/tech series like Rocket City Rednecks. Looking for fun and immersive with a science/tech angle.

Need an "edgy" series to complement Locked Up Abroad; grab your throat filmmaking.

Still doing specials but they must be big enough to lock down a Sunday prime audience. Want specials to serve as pilots. Active storytelling, less voice of God, people telling story in the moment.

For series, they usually start with 6 eps. Prefer hours because they don't have enough 1/2hrs to fill hour slot.

New show they are excited about is DOOMSDAY PREPPERS - preparing for end of world.

When pitching, need a demo.

*Looking for gritty character-driven programming, and programming that presents unique worlds, cultures and people that are surprisingly relatable.

*Balancing authenticity with entertainment for a primarily male audience.

*Alan Eyres, SVP of programming and development says “We don’t want the price point to be a deterrent on pitches- we will look at anything, and our programming slate varied from US$150,000-$400,000 an hour.”
"*portions excerpted from Realscreen's pitch guidebook"