MTV Network Need


Straight from an executive at the network: Something to keep in mind is that our core audience base is made up of females 18-24, as opposed to MTV a few years ago that was male-skewing. With our recent hits like Teen Mom and Jersey Shore, we find that our audience wants to see some of their own lives reflected in the programs they watch.

In non-scripted, MTV is looking for more real reality showcasing young people overcoming adversity. On the scripted side they are looking for coming-of-age-stories featuring unlikely heroes.

*“Our audience is looking to be surprised, informed and entertained” says Chris Linn, head of production and EVP of programming. “While they like us to address substantive issues that impact their lives, the overall experience should feel like a fun ride.

*If the pitch is in person, it shouldn’t be longer than three to five minutes. Links to longer formats can be emailed after the initial pitch when appropriate.
"*portions excerpted from Realscreen's pitch guidebook"