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A mix of repurposed acquisitions combined with catchy-named originals comprise ID’s schedule. While theme nights are a little hard to discern (since the theme of the network is basically "investigation mysteries," Tuesdays have featured FBI and criminal profiles (FBI: CRIMINAL PURSIT and HOMICIDE HUNTER), and Friday nights have traditionally featured programs about murders of people in relationships (DEADLY WOMEN, DEADLY AFFAIRS, newcomer WIVES WITH KNIVES.) While most programs are hours, ID is open to half-hours, and usually air two episodes back-to-back in the timeslot.


Live + SD Primetime Ratings Comparison / November 2012 vs. November 2011  (% Change)




Monday 8-11pm




Tuesday 8-11pm




Wednesday 8-11pm




Thursday 8-11




Friday 8-11pm




Saturday 8-11pm




Sunday 8-11pm




MTWTFSS 8-11pm




Source: The Nielsen Company's National Television Audience Sample

Investigation Discovery continues its upward trend for yet another month. November 2012 is in the books as another positive month with every night seeing year-to-year growth. ID is "America's fastest growing network," according to network press, and it's clearly evident from the ratings, which, month after month, have showed growth compared to last year. As has been the trend, every night of the week has seen an increase in overall viewers. Compared to other networks, ID boasts numbers that hover around their average every night of the week. There are no big dramatic fluctuations from night to night - just solid programming with loyal viewers.  In addition, almost every returning show from November 2011 saw overall HH growth compared to last year. And, as one of the few networks still open to the co-production model, ID's slate of original series show no signs of slowing, and it's a great network for producers hoping to retain international rights.

Noevmber's Monday night primetime lineup featured BLOOD, LIES, & ALIBIS in the 8pm and 9pm slots.  Leadout this month was FINAL WITNESS. I DIDN'T DO IT replace the 9pm airing of BLOOD, LIES & ALIBIS partway through November. Mondays were actually flat compared to November 2011, and some of the key demographics saw year to year losses partially due to I DIDN'T DO IT performing under-average in its run.

Tuesday nights in November were up 17% compared to November 2011.  The night was anchored by original series FBI: CRIMINAL PURSUIT in the 8pm slot, followed by HOMICIDE HUNTER: LT JOE KENDA at 9pm, and MOTIVES & MURDERS at 10pm. Nearly every series scored over-average throughout the month.

Relationships from hell continues to be the Wednesday night theme for ID, with a lineup featuring UNUSUAL SUSPECTS, WHO THE BLEEP DID I MARRY, and DEVIL YOU KNOW. The night was up 7% in overall viewers compared to last year. Ratings fluctuated a bit, but most airings hovered around average and above for the originals.  ID FILMS: MY BROTHER THE SERIAL KILLER, part of ID's documentary block, scored above average in its airing on 11/21.

Thursday night's 17% growth can be attributed to strong performances of THE WILL: FAMILY SECRETS REVEALED and VERY BAD MEN. Both series saw above-average numbers, and solid growth throughout the month.

Friday night's 24% increase was fueled by DEADLY WOMEN and DEADLY AFFAIRS.  It's clear that relationships + death = a solid combination for ID programming.

More in that genre on Saturday nights - DEADLY WOMEN, MOTIVES & MUDERS, and FATAL VOWS appeared on the November's Saturday schedule for ID.  The night was up 39% in overall viewers and the week is the strongest of the week for ID.

Sunday nights were anchored by a slew of ID staples, driving up viewership 19% compared to last year.  In 48 HOURS aired in the 8pm slot, paired with SINS & SECRETS, and UNUSUAL SUSPECTS.  While 48 HOURS hovered just around average, SINS & SECRETS and UNUSUAL SUSPECTS delivered ab0ve-average numbers for the network throughout the month.

It's clear that ID has tremendous momentum and an influx of new programming to keep viewers compelled and coming back for more.  For producers, it's also one of the few places that will potentially greenlight a paper pitch - just make sure your stories haven't been... "done to death."