History Network Need


Want docusoaps and characters. Looking for producable formats in a timely fashion (i.e. PAWN STARS takes 3 days to shoot.) Nothing gets greenlit without tape, production company must have experience in producing.

The network is encouraging producers to try to diversity and push the entertainment envelope. They'll look at any character reel and try and find a way to fit in History if the character is good enough.

First drama is premiering this year.

They want new worlds and different worlds. Geographical areas & jobs that haven't been hit yet. Don't say "I have the next.." during a pitch.

Present-day, male-focused programming. Mostly series but they're also looking for big event programming (think WWII in HD).

Always male-focused. Sons/father dynamic always works. But also an informational take-away.

Food gets complicated for a male audience but they are interested. Avoid celebrities/celebrity hosts. In fact, hosts in general rarely work.

If you pitch a character, show the character in their element / real life.

*Authenticity is key.
"*portions excerpted from Realscreen's pitch guidebook"