Discovery Channel Network Need


Key word "Brotherhood"; Danger - life and death; Borderline illegal groups; Sick of swamps; Interested in Americans in scenarios outside of us; Not yet sick of Alaska but close; Still looking for Transactional space; Survival - new faces / new takes.

The network continues to look towards male aspirational programming, wish I could do that shows continue to thrive. Male docusoaps, not just work place, a la GOLD RUSH, SWAMP PEOPLE are doing well and continue to be in demand. Job-as-a-calling or a way-of-life with hard-earned skills programs. Subcultures doing their craft, taking risks. Also trending towards mad skills and stupid human tricks (a la upcoming BEST IN THE BUSINESS).

New: According to Discovery, producers are more likely to get their show on Discovery than any other network in the cable landscape. They are embracing risk as part of their new strategy, and are looking for producers to help them define their presence as a network.

Adventure, survival, science, engineering and turbo. "Shows must educate the audience and provide them with some "information curiosity". Viewers want to learn something and feel smarter after they've watched" Optimism is critical with a positive human spirit underpinning the programming.

*“Great characters with personal stakes in the outcome, great back-story and enough action to drive storyline.” Also interested in “organic formats.”

*“Great sizzles tell us what the story is, they have two or three main story beats and primarily showcase the talent and set up the world that they inhabit. You should be able to tell your story without narration, with either slates or sound bites, and they should be no longer than five minutes.”
"*portions excerpted from Realscreen's pitch guidebook"

Key word "Brotherhood"
-Danger - life and death
-Borderline illegal groups
-Sick of swamps
-Interested in Americans in scenarios outside of us
-Not yet sick of Alaska but close
-Still looking for Transactional space
-Survival - new faces / new takes