Animal Planet Network Needs


*Looking for shows with larger-than-life characters.

*Characters need to be relatable and evoke credibility in their words.

*“Man versus nature” and “man versus the elements” themes are also considerable.

*Cost per-hour generally varies from US$250,000 to $400,000, but for big ideas it can go as high as $800,000. For a first season series, orders are typically six to 10 hours. The order may increase to 20 hours if the series is very successful.

*SIZZLE REEL TIPS: Andy Weissberg, VP of programming and scheduling says Animal Planet wants to see the talent interacting. It’s also more advantageous if the sizzle reel can hint at the stories viewers would see in the series.
"*portions excerpted from Realscreen's pitch guidebook"

Animal Planet is looking for characters, personal ordeals, paranormal and dogs and cats (for older crowd). Network executives are emphasizing their new tagline ("Surprisingly Human") as a barometer for producers. The network has also given us the following needs: 1) Real people/things 2) Man v nature 3) Twisted relationships with animals; female; psychological and 4) Cute programming for Saturday only.