A&E Network Need


*Looking for: As Elaine Frontain Bryant, SVP of alternative and non-fiction programming said: “People that come to our shows appreciate real life series”, stories are told through “larger than life characters... characters people want to hang out with.”

*The key element for PITCHING DON’TS is “Authenticity”.
"*portions excerpted from Realscreen's pitch guidebook"

In recent years, A&E has transitioned from a crime and documentary network to a general entertainment network, however crime still has a place in the schedule. Big characters and real-life struggles and addictions work well.

Bring to A&E Nets (umbrella) and they'll figure out what channel it fits into (if any).

Looking for dual appeal (m/f) 25-54, 18-49. They're sweet spot is late 30s, early 40s.

Potential for long-term success is key. They want serial story lines with a beginning, middle and an end.

Key words - Entertaining, Authentic, Intelligent, Emotional, Engaging, Relevant, Unique POV

Looking for elements of a sitcom that exist in reality in a world that is very "now." They are headed to a more fun & optimistic direction than they have in the past few years.

A&E = authentic & Entertaining (that capital E is important). The "a" is no longer for arts.

They don't want to repeat themselves and are always looking for the next genre-buster. Know the networks before you pitch but don't be quick to assume the show is not for A&E. They might surprise you.

Characters should be all-American.