Wisycom Provides Flawless RF Coverage for New Year's Eve Event in Times Square

Company's High-Quality Products Stand Up to Frigid Temperatures

NEW YORK, JANUARY 16, 2018 - The annual broadcast extravaganza of the Times Square Ball Drop on New Year's Eve reached over 25 million viewers* on December 31, 2017. Jetwave Wireless, LLC worked with Times Square Alliance, which oversaw the entire production, to provide RF support for this year's two-hour broadcast event. Jetwave relied on equipment from Wisycom for seamless wireless coverage for the event's broadcast needs, including select wireless microphones and intercom systems, to support the hosts as well as for various media networks covering the event including ABC and CNN.

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Frequency Coordinator and President of Jetwave Wireless Jim Dugan has helped provide RF support for the New Year's Eve production for many years. For the last two years, he specified Wisycom products for the event's broadcast wireless RF needs. This year, along with a team of 15 wireless professionals from Jetwave, Dugan employed new products from Wisycom, including its MAT288 Matrix Combiners, MTK952 IFB Transmitters and MFL RF Over Fiber Links, to manage the extremely large coverage needs.

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"This was the second entirely Wisycom supported show," notes Dugan. "The company provides the highest quality, professional RF over fiber solution products for broadcast. I've worked on live events with other gear in the past and I've seen it fail. Wisycom is known for its flawless, reliable coverage, so I was completely comfortable trusting it for a production of this scale."

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With over 500 active frequencies in total, Dugan executed a frequency sweep a week prior to the event, which was later used as the baseline for coordinating the allocated frequencies amongst the hosts and the broadcast media outlets. The production wireless still operated predominantly in the UHF spectrum, something that Dugan anticipates will begin to change after this year.

"Wisycom's MFL RF Over Fiber Links were setup all the way from 44th to 48th Street, with various antennas and designated MAT288 combiners at each of the five locations," says Dugan. "The MAT gave us multiple, individually controlled receive antennas at each site that fed the RF back to a central MAT288 in the RF truck on 44th Street. On the transmit side using the Wisycom MTK952 IFB transmitters, its master-slave feature through fiber allowed us to distribute IFB through all these areas over the same strand of glass we used for receive and monitoring. The Jetwave crew was able to monitor the entire grid and every antenna remotely to ensure the system was working properly. All the Wisycom RF distribution products deployed were on a network, which allowed us to monitor RF signals from many points around the event area. We covered Times Square Studios, multiple rooms and hallways as well as street coverage from 43rd to 48th Street. Something as simple as having everything networked feels like an incredible advancement from days of old where you had to physically get to a site to make an adjustment, which on NYE in Times Square can be difficult."

With temperatures plummeting to 9° Fahrenheit, a weather condition not all products can withstand, Dugan was confident in Wisycom's ability to remain stable and solid. "Wisycom tests all its products in the factory, down to -30° Fahrenheit, so Jetwave was confident in its operation in the extreme cold," says Dugan.

* https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/television/8085895/dick-clark-new-years-rockin-eve-ratings-year-top-music-special

About Wisycom

Wisycom is a designer and builder of the most sophisticated RF solutions for broadcast, film and live production, renowned for their durability, flexibility, reliability, practicality and cost-effective price points. Wisycom's design process is driven by attention to detail, customer feedback and ultimate quality, from the selection of components to the manufacturing process, which takes place at the company's Italian plants. The company prides itself on serving as a technical advisor and partner to every customer. From custom design to evaluation and dimensioning of systems, the Wisycom team stands by its customers through every step of the process. For more information, please visit www.wisycom.com.


Behind-the-Scenes and Live Times Square New Year’s Eve Event Coverage

Countdown Entertainment and the Times Square Alliance, the co-organizers of the famous Times Square New Year's Eve Ball Drop celebration, are once again offering HD satellite and fiber feeds of the celebration from Times Square, New York. The clean, uninterrupted feeds are available free of charge to domestic and international media organizations, and feature exclusive, panoramic views from more than 20 camera locations, highlighting the ambient and natural sounds of the revelers, the lighting and raising of the famous New Year’s Ball, hourly countdowns, musical entertainment (TBA) and more.