Wazee Digital To Speak at the Amazon Web Services Media & Entertainment Cloud Symposium


Denver, CO May 12, 2016Wazee Digital, a leading provider of cloud-based video management and licensing services, will be presenting at the Amazon Web Services Media & Entertainment Cloud Symposium on May 18 at the Convene Conference Center in New York City. Wazee Digital will be co-presenting with their client Bloomberg Content Service.

The session, titled “How Wazee Digital and Amazon S3 enable Bloomberg’s customers with global access to business and financial content”, will feature Dylan Cohen, head of operations andproduct licensing & distribution for the Bloomberg Content Service, and Andy Hurt, senior vice president, business development & marketing for Wazee Digital.

Hurt, said, “I am delighted to be participating in this event and share our alliance with Amazon S3 and discuss how our services have helped Bloomberg Media enhance the value to their customers with our SaaS platform. “

"As content syndication continues to evolve, companies want partners that can deliver everything from real-time information to an archive of high-quality photos and video -- and accessibility is in important part of that equation," said Dylan Cohen, head of operations and product licensing & distribution for the Bloomberg Content Service. "By leveraging Wazee Digital’s Core platform, we are able to provide our licensing customers around the world with a quick and reliable way to use our visual media content, including photos, video clips and long-form programs, across multiple platforms."

The presentation will dive deeper into how videos play a role in Bloomberg's content licensing and distribution business including how they operate workflow and distribution, what some challenges have been, how they use Wazee Digital and what the future holds.

Full event details and registration can be found at: https://aws.amazon.com/events/media-event-newyork/

About Wazee Digital

Wazee Digital is the leader in content management and monetization services for media and entertainment companies. Wazee Digital provides one of the world’s largest managed video and metadata platforms as a cloud-based service, reducing or eliminating the impact of people intensive processes, legacy hardware and monolithic software on our customers as they transition to digital.  

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