Quicklink TX Integrates Dante Audio IP Technology

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Quicklink Video Distribution Services Ltd has announced a strategic partnership with Audinate, a provider in digital media networking for the A/V, conferencing, public address and broadcast industries. The partnership enhances the Microsoft Skype TX experience delivered through the Quicklink TX product by adding in Dante Audio over IP connectivity.

Quicklink TX is a professional hardware solution powered by Skype TX software. Quicklink TX allows broadcasters, producers, engineers and studio managers to seamlessly manage Skype video/audio for broadcast without the need to scan convert from a PC. An easy-to-use hardware and software combination that allows Skype video calls from anywhere in the world to be seamlessly integrated into any production.

Quicklink TX will ship with Dante Virtual Soundcard software pre-installed, allowing broadcaster to easily route high-quality digital audio streams over a standard IP distribution network throughout their production facility to other connected Dante enabled equipment.
When installed in the Quicklink TX, Dante Audio IP Technology can bring multiple benefits to the broadcaster which includes:

•    Simple to maintain - One Unit with fewer cables
•    Easy integration:  the Quicklink TX will easily integrate into your current Dante system
•    Control Remotely: Audio input/output routing can be remotely controlled from any computer connected to the same network.

Dante is a complete, reliable solution for high-performance audio distribution over standard IP networks, supporting hundreds of simultaneous channels of uncompressed audio with ultra-low latency and sub-microsecond synchronization accuracy. Dante provides manufacturers and users alike with a full suite of tools and capabilities for full plug-and-play operation, including automatic device discovery, software-based signal routing, and complete integration with PCs. Over 190 manufacturers now support Dante, allowing true interoperability across an incredibly wide range of products in broadcast, live sound, recording and commercial installations.

“Inclusion of the Dante technology ensures that the Quicklink TX will be able to elevate the audio quality to a professional grade, allowing producers, technical directors, writers and editors to enrich their broadcast and media programming experience through the Skype software,” explains Bethan Hill, Head of Sales and Development at Quicklink.

“We are excited to partner with Quicklink on their Skype TX product,” explains Lee Ellison, Audinate CEO.  “Dante’s audio over IP technology is quickly becoming the leader in the broadcast industry, and this partnership will ensure that broadcasters get the highest quality digital audio throughout the entire audio stream.”

The Quicklink TX will be on display on the Audante Stand AT ISE2015 Amsterdam from 10-12th February 2015, in Hall 7-W190.

For more information about the Quicklink TX please click here http://quicklink.tv/products/quicklinktx/


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