Metro Nashville Network Improves Election Coverage with Broadcast Pix


Chelmsford, Massachusetts – Broadcast Pix™ today announced Metro Nashville Network, the government access channel for Nashville, Tenn., added BPNet™ Rapid CG software to one of its new Mica™ integrated production switchers to enhance its Election Night coverage on Nov. 8. For the first time, the station presented real-time results with animated graphics with candidate images.

Unlike other stations that offer live commentary and field reports, MNN’s election coverage only presents the results. In the past, its election returns have been very basic, just a scroll showing candidate names and vote tallies with information keyed in manually.

For 2016, four candidates were featured on each screen as MNN delivered local, state, and presidential results. “We were really able to make it look very professional compared to what we’ve done in the last five years,” Chris Singleton, MNN division manager.

During Election Night, a team from the city’s Information Technology Services Department was on location with the election commission. When the commission received an update, a file was provided to the team and the information uploaded so the returns could be automatically imported and updated. MNN ran its results for more than 10 hours in a loop starting at 8:45 p.m.

Singleton said the station received a lot of positive feedback for its upgraded election coverage. “What’s most encouraging is that it was our first attempt at using Rapid CG, and there’s a lot of potential to do even more,” he added. “We have a lot of ideas to utilize so next time we can make it even better.”

Compatible with all Broadcast Pix switchers including the recently announced Broadcast Pix Commander™ systems, Rapid CG is part of the BPNet ecosystem of network and cloud-based workflow tools. Rapid CG uses simple drag-and-drop operation to automatically integrate databases, RSS feeds, scorekeeping, and other information into templates for customized graphics with significantly less manual effort. Ideal for sports and election coverage, it automatically updates information in specific fields within the graphics templates, so no re-keying of data is required. Plus, Rapid CG lets the audience become part of the production by connecting to Twitter and other cloud-based data sources.

According to John Ferguson, MNN operations manager, the station upgraded to a full HD infrastructure earlier this year. Central to the new workflow are two Mica integrated production switchers – one in the courthouse and the second in an office building at the station’s headend – as well as a Roadie™ mobile production switcher that is used for meeting and event coverage on location. 

One of four PEG (public, education, and government) cable channels in Nashville, MNN is operated by the IST Department. It is available locally on Comcast and AT&T U-verse, with live streaming available on the city’s website and recorded coverage posted on a dedicated YouTube channel. MNN primarily focuses on coverage of various Nashville and Davidson County government meetings, but also produces PSA, training videos, and event coverage.


Broadcast Pix Announces Integration Between Rundown Creator, Rapid CG Software

Broadcast Pix™ today announced that its Rapid CG software, which uses templates to easily create customized graphics, now integrates with Rundown Creator, a Web-based collaborative software platform for producing rundowns and scripts for live news and other programs. Information for lower-thirds and other graphics included in a Rundown Creator script can be exported to Rapid CG and automatically inserted into existing templates to simplify live production graphics. “Our integration with Rundown Creator saves time and reduces errors,” explained Steve Ellis, CEO of Broadcast Pix. “Information for lower-thirds, over-the-shoulder graphics, and other graphic elements can be exported directly from Rundown Creator to Rapid CG as an XML file, and then automatically incorporated into templates in show order. That means the CG operator Rundown Creatordoesn’t have to input the data a second time or reorganize it.”

Broadcast Pix Offers Trade-In Promotion for Slate Systems

Broadcast Pix™ has announced its Slate Upgrade Promotion, which allows current customers to trade in an existing Slate™ integrated production switcher for a new Granite™ or Mica™ system. The new systems offer a number of improvements over Slate, including native HD production, dual-channel clip servers that hold up to 180 hours of graphics and animations, and expanded production toolsets.