Leader Electronics' ZEN Series Supports Sony's 'SR Live Metadata' Decode and Display as a Standard Function

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YOKOHAMA, Japan — Oct. 11, 2019 — Leader Electronics Corporation, a global producer of high-performance test and measurement solutions, has enhanced its ZEN series waveform monitors and rasterizers with the ability to decode and display the SR Live Metadata packet proposed by Sony Imaging Products & Solutions. The packet structure supports Sony's SR Live for HDR production workflow, which allows 4K HDR and HD HDR video to be produced simultaneously within an HD SDR live-production environment.

SR Live Metadata is embedded into the SDI signal in accordance with the SMPTE ST 291-1 Ancillary Data Packet and Space Formatting standard. As a result, newly enhanced ZEN series (LV5600/LV7600/LV5350/LV5300/LV7300) products can decode and display the following information:

Table Version, OETF, Transfer Matrix, Color Gamut, Conversion Mode, HDR Look, HDR Black Compression, SDR Gain, Master Black, HDR Black Offset, Gamma Table, Gamma Step, Gamma Level, Knee, Knee Point, Knee Slope, Knee Saturation, Knee Saturation Level, Soft Knee, Knee Radius, SDR White Clip, SDR White Clip Level, HDR Knee, HDR Knee Point, and HDR Knee Slope.

Leader Electronics supports SR Live Metadata to enable efficient content production workflows, and the SR Live Metadata decode and display feature is now available as a standard function on all new ZEN series waveform monitors and rasterizers. For previously purchased ZEN products, users can add this feature free of charge by downloading and updating their units to the latest firmware, which is available on the Leader website.

Further information about Leader and the company's products is available at www.leader.co.jp/en/.

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About Leader Electronics Corporation
Leader Electronics is a manufacturer specializing in electronic measurement instruments. The company's strengths lie in video-related fields including 8K, 4K, and high-definition video for television and motion pictures, and its primary business is to develop, manufacture, and sell measurement instruments for video production, postproduction, and broadcast requirements.

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