InfoComm 2016: Sennheiser expands its TeamConnect Wireless solution with new charging option

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Las Vegas – Ease of use, better sound quality and reliability: A new study by Sennheiser and Millward Brown reveals these to be the top three unmet demands of managers running remote conferences. Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Wireless brings to an end the age of conference call frustrations, delivering unmatched ease of use and excellent sound quality in a portable system for up to 24 participants. At InfoComm 2016, the audio specialist will be expanding its new wireless conferencing system, with an alternative charging base for permanent meeting rooms. Alongside the current carry case option for ad hoc meetings, the TeamConnect Wireless family now offers the ideal wireless conferencing solution to meet the needs of today’s businesses.

As companies work increasingly flexibly across multiple locations and geographies, the conference call has become an essential stage for business achievement. Today’s meetings can happen anywhere. With teams often spread across many locations, it’s mission-critical to successfully bring people together, because only a connected team can perform to its full potential. Yet despite this, too often conferences don’t run smoothly, hampered by technical challenges or offering poor sound quality that makes it difficult for participants to be understood. This has a direct impact on business performance: A study by Sennheiser and Millward Brown released in January 2016 has revealed that successful companies have strong internal connections and run a higher frequency of meetings, while lower performers meet less often. The study also discovered that barriers in sound quality and usability of meeting technology leads to lower frequency of meetings, with managers demanding that future solutions should be reliable, offering better sound quality and intuitive ease of use.
TeamConnect Wireless from Sennheiser is the cure for these business pain points, offering a high performing portable conference solution for up to 24 people that can be used by anyone, anywhere. It provides unmatched ease of use, speed of set up and cutting edge connectivity that fits seamlessly into the independent, “bring your own device” ethos of the most fast-moving and flexible of modern workplaces - all with the audio specialist’s trademark high quality audio.

The stylish portable solution is made up of four units – one master and three satellites. The units are wirelessly linked by a DECT connection and provide a flexible system that can be set up in virtually any room or table arrangement.

TeamConnect Wireless Tray Set
At InfoComm 2016, a new version of TeamConnect Wireless will be launched that includes a new charging tray option – an alternative to the rugged travel/charging case that can be supplied with the TeamConnect Wireless. Describing the new version, Andy Niemann, Director Business Communication at Sennheiser, explained: “In modern workspaces, meeting rooms can be of two types – unequipped/ad-hoc and fixed meeting rooms. The case version of TeamConnect Wireless brilliantly addressed the need for a mobile/portable meeting solution for unequipped meeting rooms and we are now introducing the tray version of the same system to meet the needs of permanent meeting rooms. The new version offers a hassle free storage and charging option for that set of users, ensuring that TeamConnect Wireless fits into virtually any meeting room. It is therefore the perfect choice for organizations seeking a high quality audio conferencing system in any meeting environment.”

Connect smart devices, computers or landlines
TeamConnect Wireless offers peerless connectivity options, making any device immediately capable of establishing a professional quality conference call in seconds. Users can quickly connect their own Bluetooth smart device or computer wirelessly, with NFC making pairing with compatible devices simple. Wired connections are also possible via USB – ideal for web or video conferencing via a computer – or 3.5mm jack cable, so it can readily fit in to a broad range of hardware set-ups.

Control everything at a touch
The system brings a new level of usability to conferencing that makes it easy for anyone to operate with minimal instruction, freeing users from the need for technical support. Simply slide the four units from the case and they automatically power up and link together. The intuitive, touch-sensitive control panel on the master unit allows you to connect devices and control calls, while the satellite units have touch controls for muting or adjusting volume. Uniquely, TeamConnect Wireless supports multiple simultaneous audio channels, so additional callers can be joined to an existing conference by just connecting another device. TeamConnect Wireless is optimized for IP solutions, which includes Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber, Webex, and Go-To-Meeting.

Sounds great, looks beautiful
With set up taking no time at all, TeamConnect Wireless sets the stage for a brilliant meeting. As a Sennheiser product, it delivers excellent acoustic clarity and speech intelligibility, which allows for natural conversation and improved meeting productivity.

Alongside leading edge functionality, TeamConnect Wireless is designed to be at home in even the most prestigious office environments. Use of premium materials such as glass and aluminium makes the system tough enough to take anywhere, while conveying an unmistakeable business class elegance – a fact recognized when it was named a Best of the Best product at the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2016.

With its innovative design and sound features, TeamConnect Wireless embodies Sennheiser’s ambition to make the future of audio technology tangible to their customers. Andy Niemann explains how the new product aligns to Sennheiser’s overall company vision “Shape the future of Audio”: “With TeamConnect Wireless, Sennheiser has boldly staked out its leadership in professional conferencing. It is the simplest and fastest way to set up professional quality conferences, no matter the user, device, room or table set-up, providing brilliant sound for easier communication and more successful meetings. This is truly the Future of Audio in today’s workplace.”

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To experience Sennheiser’s solutions at InfoComm visit us at C10908. InfoComm 2016 will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas. Nevada, from June 4-10.


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