West Palm Beach, FL February 11, 2018 – Physical attraction and passion turn to terror this month in Gran Cine’s world premiere of the new horror film by Spanish director and master of the macabre . Also debuting this month is the story of a group of people wandering the desert in search of spirituality, and the shocking tale of a depressed man struggling with a physical impairment that crosses the line into ultimate insanity and unspeakable violence. Gran Cine is a prime, round-the-clock Spanish network that presents a wide range of uncut and commercial-free contemporary movies from México, Latin America and the U.S, each new release starting at 10 p.m. EST.

February 22 features the world premiere of César del Álamo’s De la Piel del Diablo. A relationship that begins at an art gallery devolves into a perverse game of traps and lies where nothing is what it seems. Starring Ruxandra Oancea and Chema Coloma from the award-winning musical Los Encantados. Del Álamo is known for mixing horror and comedy in his previous films, , Buenas Noches Dijo La Señorita Pájaro and La Mujer que Hablaba con Los Muertos.

Meanwhile, February 13 debuts the critically-acclaimed film 12 +1, Una Comedia Metafísica, offbeat comedy about a disillusioned religious master and his disciples as they drift through the desert looking for an elusive spiritual enlightenment. Directed by Chiqui Carabante and starring Gorka Zubeldia from the 2011 thriller Anamorphosis. Costars Fran Torres of the popular movie El Autor. Moreover, an emotionally-troubled man with a walking impediment descends into a world of madness February 20 in El Hijo Bastardo de Dios. Written and directed by Martín Garrido Ramis. Starring Nando Torres, Beatriz Barón and Lola Paniza Potrony.

Gran Cine is owned and operated by Olympusat Inc. and is available on Liberty, RCN, Verizon FiOS and VEMOX™.

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Gran Cine to Premiere the Environmental Film Cenizas del Cielo

Gran Cine, Olympusat’s commercial-free contemporary Spanish-language network offering a wide range of originally produced and recently released blockbusters from Spain and Latin America, announced the network premiere of Cenizas del Cielo, a critically-acclaimed Spanish drama that follows the story of a peculiar group of individuals living near a nuclear power plant.


Crazy Bulls, Barefoot Bishops and Furry Pearls Come to Gran Cine in January

Gran Cine’s January lineup brings together furry, inspiring and somewhat disturbing characters, including the lovable mutt Perla, the amazing Catalan bishop Pere Casaldàliga and a relentless, bloodthirsty vigilante known as Toro Loco (Crazy Bull). Also featuring are stories about drug traffickers in flight, wannabe politicians and doorways to other dimensions. This dynamic roster of releases is the reason why the channel distinguishes itself as Olympusat’s flagship network of contemporary Spanish movies from Spain and Latin America, all uncut and commercial free.