Apantac, an internationally recognized manufacturer of multiviewers, video walls, extension and signal processing solutions announces that it will be exhibiting its entire range of existing and new solutions for the openGear platform at NAB2019, booth SL8006.

The openGear platform is an ideal architecture for Apantac’s solutions, which are feature-rich, cost-effective, and address a vast number of broadcast and professional audio video markets and applications. The openGear concept by Ross Video allows equipment users to install modular gear from several manufacturers in a single card tray, saving both rack space and money.

The Apantac solutions enhance the wide range of options being offered on the openGear platform and include: SDI and HDMI multiviewers, converters, scalers, distribution amplifiers, HDBaseT extenders, as well as the new KVM switch, which can also be adapted into a multiviewer with KVM.

Apantac has been first to market with a number of new solutions for the openGear platform including its Hybrid Multiviewer System, the OG-MiniDE-II. This multiviewer allows users to monitor HDMI and SDI signals on a single display. The new KVM Switch, OG-KM, ensures that a user can control and switch seamlessly between four or eight computers with a single keyboard and mouse. Plus, since the openGear platform is modular, users can easily add multiviewer cards from Apantac and create a multiviewer with KVM functionality. All Apantac openGear cards utililize the Dashboard control and monitoring solution.

“It is great to see the growing array of openGear products and solutions from Apantac,” commented Jeff Moore, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at Ross Video. “openGear is the industry platform of choice offering customers the opportunity to source solutions from a broad range of technology vendors with plug and play interoperability in the openGear frame as well as under DashBoard control. We congratulate Thomas and the team at Apantac for all the new and unique openGear products they are bringing to NAB this year.”

Apantac will be exhibiting its entire openGear range of solutions at NAB 2019 booth SL8006.

At the upcoming InfoComm 2019 show on booth 4029, Apantac will debut more ProAV cards for the openGear platform.

For a full list of Apantac openGear solutions, visit: https://www.apantac.com/products?category=openGear


Apantac to Debut 9 Input Multiviewer openGear Card at NAB 2017

The OG-Mi-9 is a nine input multiviewer card designed for the openGear frame and Dashboard software. In addition, a seven-input companion upgrade card is available to expand the nine input OG-Mi-9# model into a 16x2 (16 input, 2 output) Multiviewer. This is a first of its kind for the openGear platform.

Apantac Wins Product Innovation Award for Mi-16 Multiviewer

“We brought our Mi-16 series of multiviewers to market by using our TAHOMA platform with the advancement of Apantac T# technology and tailoring it to more budget-sensitive applications, yet still keeping it fully featured,” comments Thomas Tang, President of Apantac. Our commitment to our customers and addressing their requirements is validated by this award, and we are honored to receive this Product Innovation Award from NewBay Media.”