Zucker Pitches Today’s Repaired Armor


Apparently, if it bleeds ratings points it also leads.

NBC Universal Television Group President Jeff Zucker says that the media has been quick to point out struggles at the Today show, but is not reporting on its recent successes in ratings and big stories.

“When you’ve been on top, you will pay the price when there are cracks in the armor,” Zucker told an audience at the Promax/BDA promotion executives conference in New York Wednesday. “It is a sexy story that sells at the time.” But, now that Today has regained a more comfortable lead over of ABC’s Good Morning America, Zucker says the media is not as interested.

He did not have the same good news to relay about NBC’s prime time.

On NBC’s upfront--the presold ads in its prime time lineup--being down at least $900 million from last year, Zucker said:“It is obvious that after a decade of dominance in prime time, this was a tough year. We expected to suffer, but this is obviously a little more than expected.”

NBC’s losses, Zucker added, are balanced out by strong performances among other NBC Universal assets, such as its cable channels and movie studio. “Those things buoy you in tough times,” he added.