Zenith, NxtWave form new DTV front


Zenith Electronics Corp. and NxtWave Communications Inc., have joined forces to improve indoor reception using the FCC-approved DTV standard.

Earlier this year, both had filed separate technical solutions to the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC)'s "VSB Enhancements" Request for
Proposals (RFP).

If successful, the Zenith-NxtWave alliance could expand DTV's capabilities to mobile reception without requiring changes to the ATSC transmission standard. It is also backwards compatible so that existing digital receivers will continue to receive and decode these new signals.

Receivers with Zenith-NxtWave technology will be able to decode a standard 8-VSB signal as well as the enhanced signal, with improved multipath performance for both, as well as better signal acquisition and "white noise" performance for enhanced programs and data, the companies said. - Michael Grotticelli