You’ve Got VoIP


AOL says it will begin offering a new Internet-delivered voice service on Oct. 4, giving cable operators and other voice service providers another competitor to worry about. Called TotalTalk, AOL’s service will cost $18.99 for a local plan (plus taxes and additional fees), $29.99 for local and domestic long distance (and Canada) and a global calling plan for $34.99 for unlimited domestic calling and low international rates.

AOL is also tapping into some of the new services that VoIP technology enables. Because the calls are handled as data packets in the same way Internet info is delivered, its possible to use the PC to manage calls, keep a calling log, click-to-call, and even save emails and instant messages via a Web-based  interface like Mac's new dashboard. Traditional features, like call waiting, caller ID, and three-way calling, are also included.