YouTube Gets Oxygen

Women’s-Targeted Cable Network Reached Deal with Yahoo Video Last Month

Cable network Oxygen will begin providing original content on its YouTube community site.

The network will deliver clips, outtakes and other exclusive footage on the Oxygen-branded YouTube channel, which launched Sept. 17. Content available on the site will include clips from shows such as Tori & Dean: Inn Love, The Bad Girls Club, Mo’Nique’s F.A.T. Chance and Snapped.

“Working with YouTube is part of Oxygen’s overall strategy to reach our audience on every platform that’s available to women,” Oxygen president Mary Murano said in a statement. “YouTube is extremely popular, and this is a great way for Oxygen to maximize its popularity and gain a new audience, as well.”

Last month, the network announced that it was launching a branded channel on Yahoo Video, as well, and it will also provide content to NBC Universal’s and News Corp.’s Hulu.

In other Oxygen news, the network expanded its carriage agreement with cable operator WideOpenWest last week, gaining carriage on WOW’s Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio, and Detroit systems as of Oct. 1. Later this year, WOW will begin carrying Oxygen’s video-on-demand channel throughout its systems.