Yanks-Diamondbacks keeps scoring


In a virtual ratings replay from Tuesday, the New York Yankees
extra-inning win over the Arizona Diamondbacks in the fourth game of the World
Series was the biggest Wednesday night TV draw in a walk.

The Yanks' 4-3 win in ten innings hit a 15.8 rating, 27
share in Nielsen national numbers, 26% higher than the 12.2/21 scored by the
Yanks-New York Mets in the third game of their subway series last year.

In New York, the game drew a 28.2/41, while in Phoenix, the game drew a 54.1/72.

The first four games of the Yanks-D-backs series have produced a 14.4/24 average in national ratings, an 18% rise over the 12.2/21 the Yanks-Mets series had at that same point. - Richard Tedesco