Yankees get DirecTV deal


Just seven weeks before the season opening, Yankees Entertainment and Sports
Network finally secured its first distribution deal, with DirecTV Inc.

The direct-broadcast satellite service said it will carry the start-up
network on its most basic tier, the 'Total Choice' package, to about 1 million
subscribers in the New York market.

Outside of New York, the network will be included in two out-of-region sports
packages for a much higher retail price, the 'Sports Pack' and 'MLB Extra

DirecTV serves a total of 10.7 million subscribers nationwide, and it is in
the process of selling out to EchoStar Communications Corp.

YES, which is run by cable veteran Leo J. Hindery Jr., has yet to cut any
distribution deals with metro New York cable operators.

Since the Yankees moved their games off Madison Square Garden Network,
Cablevision Systems Corp. is proving to be the toughest