Yahoo Connects With Broadcasters

Forms content alliances with NBC, CBS and local stations

One example of the growing importance of connected TVs for broadcasters and programmers can be found at Yahoo!, which launched its Connected TV Platform in 2009.

Unlike Google, which has struggled to get major broadcast networks to agree to make their content available on its connected TVs, Yahoo! has formed alliances with NBC and CBS as well as a growing number of local stations that provide apps for its platform. Currently, the software has been deployed by Vizio, Samsung, Toshiba and LG inside connected TVs that are available in more than 8 million homes.

“We have a long history of working with these companies and we’ve had a very different relationship and different approach than our competitor, and it has really paid off,” says Ron Jacoby, senior director and chief architect of the connected TV group at Yahoo!

More than 30 local stations, including WGCL Atlanta, WXYZ Detroit, KHOU Houston and KVVU Las Vegas have launched local news, weather and sports apps on the platform. To make the platform even more appealing to broadcasters, Yahoo! has announced plans this year to deploy an app store and to add broadcast interactivity functions that would allow users of tablets or other devices to interact with ads or TV programming.