WXTV snags 'dirty bomb' exclusive


Univision Communications Inc.'s Spanish-language WXTV(TV) Paterson, N.J., found itself the center of media attention after it got an exclusive interview with the sister of accused
"dirty bomb" detainee Jose Padilla.

According to a station spokesman, after its Monday 6 p.m. broadcast on
Padilla's detention, WXTV received a call from a woman claiming to be his sister
and saying she had only just learned of the terrorism charge by watching the
station's newscast.

Anchor Olga Alvarez met with her, confirmed her identity, interviewed her for
the 11 p.m. news and obtained a picture from her of Padilla in Arab garb.

By Wednesday, Cable News Network had put that 11 p.m. report on both its Spanish and English
feeds, and by Thursday, Alvarez was setting up interviews with the New York
and Newsweek.