WW II soldiers to show true colors


Noncommercial KCTS-TV Seattle is teaming up with British producers Carlton
Communications plc and TWI to produce The Perilous Fight: America's World War
II in Color

The four-part documentary, which will air on PBS midyear, avoids
black-and-white newsreel footage, instead relying on the 'astonishing amount of
color footage shot during the war' to give the production a 'vibrant reality,'
in contrast to the emotional distance often created by black-and-white

As part of the project, the producers, led by executive producer Martin Smith
(PBS' Vietnam: A Television History and Turner Broadcasting System Inc.'s
Cold War), are seeking veterans and surviving family members with color
footage, diaries or letters.

The producers are particularly interested in contributions from
African-American veterans and from the Hollywood entertainment community.
Interested parties can call 800-386-0002.