Writers Guild of America East Files Arbitration Case Against ABC

WGA East Claims Network, Corday Productions Retained Replacement Writers for All My Children , Days of Our Lives

The Writers Guild of America East filed arbitration suits against ABC and Corday Productions, claiming that the companies violated the strike-termination agreement by retaining replacement writers who filled in during the strike on All My Children and Days of Our Lives instead of bringing back the writers who had been on strike.

“The strike-termination agreement does not allow the retention of replacement writers in lieu of allowing striking writers to return to their jobs. ABC and Corday Productions are clearly violating this agreement,” said Ira Cure, senior counsel for the WGA East, in a statement. “They have left us no other option but to file arbitrations to ensure that our members will be afforded their rights outlined under this agreement.”

ABC says that the arbitration suits are unfounded.

"We are in full compliance with our contract. The allegation is untrue," said the network in a statement late Tuesday.

The strike-termination agreement says: “No replacement writer hired during the strike period shall be retained on a show over a striking writer who offers to return to work on the same show on which he or she was employed when the strike began.”

The companies will have 10 days to mutually decide upon an arbitrator to hear the case.