Wright Defends His TV Networks


NBC Chairman Bob Wright waved off questions about the health of his TV network operation, saying that problems at CNBC and MSNBC have turned around and that NBC is a work in progress. Wright appeared on Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto to talk about an autism research advocacy group he and his wife, Suzanne, founded. But Cavuto took the conversation into the business of NBC. Asked about the problems at the cable news networks, Wright responded that “MSNBC and CNBC are doing much better.”

Wright noted that “we’ve had a very, very long trend” of low ratings at MSNBC and “we have to pick it up. We’ve got a lot of brand-new shows.”

He denied Cavuto’s queries that that the cable news operations will be merged or that parent company General Electric will sell NBC.

At NBC, he said, “the only real issue we have is, you know, in prime time, and we know it.  And we’re putting a lot of resources and very, very good people.  We’ve brought a lot of new people into the mix – new producers and new talent and different directions, and so we just have to let it play out.”