Wright Blasts Piracy at Chamber of Commerce Summit


NBC Universal Chairman and CEO Bob Wright, television's most vocal anti-piracy spokesman, told attendees at U.S. Chamber of Commerce summit on counterfeiting today that the economic damage from intellectual content theft and piracy needs serious attention and tough laws from Washington lawmakers, and enforcement by authorities worldwide. Click here for full transcript.

He characterized the media as "one of the canaries in the coal mine," because the industry is a conspicuous victim of theft of DVDs and music nationwide and around the world. But he said," "This isn't just a problem of one or two sectors or a few big companies. We're talking about organized crime" that ,Wright says, affects the pharmaceutical, auto, aerospace and software companies too. But using the film business as am example Wright cited a brand new survey from the Institute for Policy Innovation that said that while the movie industry directly lost $6.1 billion through piracy in 2005, the "cascading" effect created $5.5 billion in lost wages and 140,000 jobs that weren't created, and a total lost output of $20.7 billion from industries that are part of the entertainment industry's food chain.

Wright's entire speech is on B&C's Website, broadcastingcable.com