WPIX To Stream "Commutercasts"


To ease the strain on New Yorkers fretting over afternoon rush hour, WB station WPIX is creating new online traffic webcasts that will provide the latest on traffic snarls around the region. On Dec. 5, the Tribune-owned station will debut its “Commutercast,” hosted by reporter Alyssa Coleman.

The two-minute, live webcasts will air five times each afternoon from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The reports will cover car traffic and also conditions on public transportation and feature video and maps provided by monitoring service Traffic.com.

"'Commutercast' uses new technology to give real-time traffic and transit news to people who don’t have access to TV when they most need it," WPIX News Director Karen Scott said in a statement. "It may not be TV in the conventional sense, but it is something that we can do thanks to technology."