WPIX aids in blackout reunion


Two foreign tourists separated during the Northeast blackout while visiting
the Empire State Building in New York found each other after enlisting the aid
of the media, WPIX-TV reported.

Andre Luu, a 66-year-old retired mechanical engineer who lives in Paris, was
separated from his 58-year-old wife, Sabine Luu. Mr. Luu has Parkinson's and
slight dementia.

They were reunited following a WPIX-TV news report that he was missing.

Reporter Pam Chan's ability to speak Cantonese helped to tell their story.

Mr. Luu, who had become disoriented during the blackout and was robbed of a
small sum, hailed a cab, wanting to go to Paris.

He was taken to LaGuardia, where a policemen took him to the hospital,
noticing that he was disoriented.

A doctor's assistant from Mt. Sinai Hospital saw the story and contacted the