Wow! Wows 'Em in JD Power Rankings


Research firm JD Power & Associates says cable overbuilder Wow! secured the highest customer satisfaction score in an customer satisfaction study of cable and satellite operators. Wow!, which generally owns properties that overbuild established cable systems, generated a 706 in JD Powers consumer satisfaction index in the North Central region. That’s the highest of any operator in the four regions JD Power studies. (By comparison, the average customer satisfaction index score nationwide is around 630.)

Other strong performers were DirecTV, which topped the east region with a 686;Cox Communications, which topped the west region with a 690; Bright House topping the south with a 682.

In general, satellite TV companies DirecTV and EchoStar tend to score well in the survey. The worst operators are now-defunct Adelphia Communications and Mediacom. Comcast – the largest operator – scored below average in each of the four regions. JD Power says that customer satisfaction is declining for both sides. Satellite operators’ index fell 48 points since the 2005 survey; cable operators’ fell 29 points.

JD Power – best knows for its surveys of new car buyers – measures six factors in cable and satellite TV: customer service, performance and reliability, image, billing, cost of service, and offerings and promotions.