Worldwide Web universe nears 400 million


The universe of people surfing the Web from home grew to 379 million people in March, a gain of about seven million people for the month, according to the Nielsen NetRatings.

Active Internet usage rebounded from a February drop, growing nearly 4% to 211 million people. U.S. Web surfers averaged 678 page views in March, viewed an average of 35 pages per surfing session and typically spent 54 seconds on each page. South Korean Web surfers were the most active of 21 countries surveyed, but spent the least amount of time per site, pausing just 28 seconds on each page. Australian users had the longest page view durations in March, at 54 seconds.Top-ranked sites for the month included AOL Time Warner, MSN, the Disney Web group sites, Excite@Home and NBCi.

Meanwhile, in the continuing e-commerce contest between eBay and, eBay's audience grew by nearly four million people to a more than 22 million people - a spike that bumped eBay above in Web traffic rankings for the month. eBay recorded more than 1.3 billion page views for the month, according to Nielsen NetRatings, with visitors averaging 90 minutes on the site.

- Richard Tedesco