Women visible at stations


That Fox named a woman, Cheryl Kerns McDonald, to run WDAF-TV Kansas City,
Mo., last month wasn't big news. Women are fairly common fixtures in the big
offices at TV stations. At Fox, for instance, women also manage duopolies in
Chicago, Dallas and Minneapolis and at a singleton in High Point, N.C.

According to a National Association of Broadcasters tally, 239 woman now run
14.1 percent of the 1,693 commercial and noncommercial TV stations.

But that number is not quite as high as it has been. According to the NAB's 2001
count, 242 women were then in charge (14.3 percent of 1,690 stations).

On the other hand, even the smaller 2002 number represents a huge jump from
1998, when the NAB first started keeping count. Then, there were only 131 woman general managers
running 8.3 percent of 1,584 stations.