Women In Business Group Sides With XM/Sirius on Merger


In an e-mail sent to media reporters on Monday, Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) said it supported the merger between XM and Sirius. The group represents women and minorities in business.

In a letter to the FCC, the group's president, Barbara Kasoff, said WIPP believesthe deal would "substantially enhance programming choices by creating a stronger satellite radio company.... It will also provide a number of important economic benefits for small businesses."

Satellite and terrestrial broadcasters have been lining up groups and legislators for and against the merger, with terrestrial broadcasters seeming to have the upper hand on the Hill. The head of the Senate Antitrust Subcommittee came out against the merger, and some top House Democrats have been asking some tough questions.

For their part, XM and Sirius have gotten support from a

number of groups representing minorities