Wolf Tells Colleagues to Retain 35% Cap


Virginia Republican representative and frequent media critic Frank Wolf sent out a pair of "Dear Colleague" letters this past week arguing that the 35% broadcast-ownership cap should not be raised.

In one, he cited a pair of NBC affiliates that refused to carry the racy Coupling
, saying that if the network were allowed to buy more stations, "I do not think NBC would allow one of its own affiliates to defer to community standards when deciding which programming to air."

In another, he pointed to a story on Capitol Broadcasting Co. Inc. group owner Jim Goodmon’s refusal to carry some reality shows, saying that if the cap were upped to 45% -- as the now-stayed Federal Communications Commission rules instruct -- "there will be fewer and fewer owners like Jim Goodmon. "

Also this past week, several conservative TV-watchdog groups -- including the Parents TV Council, Morality in Media and American Family Association -- sent a letter to key congressmen asking that the cap be retained, saying, "Children and family values must be our top priority, not lining the pockets of media executives."