WMG Hits the Web


Warner Music Group (WMG) is making its music videos and other video content commercially available over the Internet for the first time.

Teaming with Internet TV company Brightcove, WMG will make music videos, live performances, behind the scenes footage, and artist interviews available over Brightcove video players.

WMG plans to monetize the content, selling ad packages associated with the players and via pay-per-view or some other paid basis.

WMG is also looking to capitalize on the rise of social networks. Surfers will be encouraged to add the players to their blogs, Web Sites, or personal profile pages, with advertisers branding the players. Brightcove and WMG will sell the ads, with Brightcove handling distribution and sharing in the revenue.

WMG's labels include Atlantic, Bad Boy, Elektra, Reprise, Rhino, and Warner Bros.