WKJG is all set


Typical last-minute eBay Inc. bidding drove up the price on three KCBS-TV-KCAL-TV
Los Angeles news sets from the first bid of $5,000 to a winning bid of $26,500
from WKJG-TV Fort Wayne, Ind. (DMA No. 104).

General manager John Dawson triumphed, in the wee small hours of the morning,
over some strong competition, particularly from WSIL-TV Carterville, Ill. "The
second-largest market in Indiana will now have a set from the second-largest
market in the country," Dawson said. "How cool is that?"

Several TV managers estimated the value of the three sets as several times
what Dawson paid. The Viacom Los Angeles stations plan to give the proceeds to a
scholarship fund for the children of cameraman Larry Greene, who died on
assignment in the Persian Gulf in September.

Dawson said he'll fly out to Los Angeles to look over his purchase, from which he'll
pick one set for his own station and likely sell the others. He said he
immediately received electronic mail from other bidders and industry sources interested
in purchasing a set, including from as far away as Bahrain.