WJLA Reporter Sues Over Traffic Stop


Andrea McCarren, a reporter for Allbritton's WJLA Washington, has sued Prince George's County Maryland.

Nine months ago she had been "detained and injured," according to her attorneys, in a traffic stop in the Washington suburban county. She has been working on a story on "alleged misuse of government resources" in the county.

McCarren says the county has not provided 911 tapes, cruiser tapes or other documents. "The people of Prince George's County deserve better than this from their government," said McCarren in a statement announcing the suit. "All public officials...must be held accountable for their actions and their expenditures. If a journalist can be subjected to an illegal stop in broad daylight and is unable to get any documentation of the incident, how can the citizens of Prince George's County expect to be treated?"

McCarren is currently on a leave of absence as one of the 2007 class of Nieman Fellows at Harvard