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The Jane Pauley
has been moved out of early-fringe time periods in a
number of markets. Fair enough. After a healthy debut this summer, the show has
struggled to find and keep viewers. But getting dissed by WISH Indianapolis last week was a low blow. That's the
station, after all, where Pauley, an Indianapolis native, got her start in
broadcasting in 1972 before her eventual move to Today fame on NBC.

WISH was disappointed in the NBC
syndicated talker because of its recent sweeps performance
in the key early-fringe 4-5 p.m. slot—a 1.4 rating average for fourth place
in the time period.

Despite Pauley's long Dateline experience, there must be something
about Jane in chatting mode that makes people want to break out the Cheerios.
WISH moved the show to 9 a.m., and Program Director Rick
echoes the sentiments of many station executives when he
says, “It feels more like a morning show.”