Winner for ‘Obama in 30 Seconds’ Picks Self-Proclaimed Republican, Former Soldier Who Supports Sen. Barack Obama
Original: picked the winner of its online ad contest.

The spot features a self-proclaimed Republican and former soldier who said he supports Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) (Move On's candidate).

The group put out a call to members and others in March to come up with a 30-second TV ad -- "Obama in 30 Seconds" -- on why he should be the next president.

The group held a similar ad contest for spots opposing George Bush in 2004. That resulted in the "Child's Pay" ad featuring children working in low-paying jobs to pay off the $1 trillion deficit. said the winning Obama spot will get a national TV ad buy and YouTube play -- it is seeking contributions to help pay for the TV airtime. Plus, the winner gets $20,000 worth of video equipment.

But even without the paid time, the spot was already getting "earned media" (news coverage), including airing in full on CNN Monday.


35.5 Million Watch Obama Ad

Sen. Barack Obama's 30-minute "closing argument" infomercial boosted NBC, Fox and CBS into the top three slots for the time period. ABC followed with Pushing Daisies.