Wilson: Comcast/Disney Could Make Family-Friendly Tier


New Mexico Republican Rep. Heather Wilson has suggested to Comcast Corp. that a merged Comcast/The Walt Disney Co. should create a family-friendly programming tier.

In a letter to Comcast CEO Brain Roberts, Wilson said that given the "violence, profanity and sexual innuendo of the many channels currently available," a merged company should "lead the cable industry in helping parents protect our nation’s children."

She also asked Roberts to make it easier for parents to control access to cable programming through more user-friendly parental controls. Wilson circulated copies of a letter at the House Telecommunications Subcommittee markup of a bill strengthening FCC indecency enforcement.

Wilson has been one of the most passionate critics of the industry, coming almost to tears as she excoriated Viacom President Mel Karmazin over the Janet Jackson incident and comparing its corporate responsibility quotient to that of Enron.