Willner: ABC VOD Could Be in Cable's Future


Could Lost re-runs be coming to a cable VOD service near you? Michael Willner says it might well happen.

Willner, CEO of cable operator Insight Communications, says that if ABC's test of day-after free ad-supported Internet streaming of its marquee shows pays off, he expects them to approach cable about a similar approach to VOD re-airings of its network shows.

That insight came in an interview scheduled for airing on C-SPAN's Communicators series.

"What ABC is saying is that they think there may be an advertiser-supported model of what is essentially VOD progamming," he said. "If that does indeed work, we have the most robust and the easiest-to-use VOD platform anywhere out there today.

"I'm sure that ABC and Disney will be coming to cable operators if they think this is a media that works and start discussing using the VOD platform for advertiser-supported distribution of their programming."

Willner also said the company will launch its family-friendly tier this summer.