Williams to Host Sunday’s 'Meet The Press'

NBC Says No Permanent Hosting Decisions Have Been Made.

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams will host Sunday’s Meet The Press, NBC says.

Long time Meet The Press moderator Tim Russert died suddenly last week of an apparent heart attack. Last week’s edition, hosted by Tom Brokaw, served as a memorial to Russert.

While the network stresses that no final decisions have been made with regard to a permanent replacement for Russert, Williams will play host to Senators Lindsay Graham and Joe Biden this week. The Senators were supposed to appear on last week's edition, but Russert's death postponed their appearance.

 Ann Curry will fill in for Williams Friday night on Nightly News as he prepares for Sunday’s program.
Meet The Press is television’s longest running show, having run continuously in some form since 1947.